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Contingency Refunds

Our contingency refund services have uncovered millions in overlooked areas relating to mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring. We see errors that present opportunities for refunds and capitalize on them.

Finding Refunds

Our experts analyze overlooked and misunderstood aspects of mergers and acquisitions relating to various state and federal payroll taxes. Experience has shown that the majority of refunds recovered were the result of government agency errors, outsourced vendor communications, and overlooked opportunities that employers were unaware of. As a result, we have excelled in providing sizable re-funds and credits to our clients.

The Benefits

  • No fee / cost associated with retaining service (contingency basis)
  • Refunds issued
  • Credits recovered
  • Rate reductions when applicable
  • Assurance that employer payroll / tax related merger & acquisition issues were properly addressed
  • Assurance that no penalties, interest or delinquency issues occurred
  • Dunn Corporate Resources handles all work associated with service (research, review, revisions, refunds)
  • Increased awareness of areas to be watched in future mergers & acquisitions



100% of Errors


All Work Done
by DCR


Zero Fees to the

Merger or Acquisition?

Has your company had a merger or acquisition recently? We would love to hear from you! Whether your organization is an auto group who recently purchased a new dealership, a property management company that just acquired a new location, or bank that just merged with another bank, we can absolutely help. Since our service is done on a contingency basis, there is absolutely no risk to our clients!