Florida UI Tax Rates – Errors, Errors, Errors!

The state of Florida recently released the unemployment tax rate notice for the taxable year 2021.  The maximum tax rate is .054 (5.4%) and the minimum rate is .0029 (0.29%).   The taxable wage base is $7,000 per employee. 

It is imperative that employers review the figures used in the calculation of this tax rate.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida’s computer systems have consistently failed leading to major unaddressed issues.  Claimants are showing up on the statement of benefits charged to an employer’s account that do not show up in Florida’s internal computer systems!  These charges are then used in the tax rate calculation where employers never had the chance to protest the charges!  Furthermore, Florida was supposed to credit employers for any charges relating to COVID-19.  In the majority of cases, we have not seen Florida properly credit claims that relate to COVID-19, thus factoring these charges into the assigned tax rate.

For help with reviewing or protesting your unemployment tax rate notice, contact our unemployment tax professionals today!